Above 25% annual yields

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Palawan is a great alternative to the overrated alternatives in South-East Asia.With its stunning beauty and frequently regarded as “worlds best Island” by various international media.

Palawan is currently a frontier market in terms of both business and investments. Meaning that very soon we can expect it to become the most emerging real estate, tourism and by this the new business area of The Philippines. With incredible annual yield on just pure landbanking the island proves its position as one of the most favorable real estate markets for investment in South-East Asia.

Your own beach front or island
We offer a rather unique real estate opportunity; to own you very own piece of a paradise Island. It can be a retirement home, luxury resort development or a pure landbanking investment. No matter what option you choose the prices in Palawan are at a pre-emerging stage.

Typical beach front in Palawan

Two new international airports

Two new international airports are set to be opened in San Vicente and Puerto Princesa in 1Q 2017  and the already steady growth in tourist arrivals is expected to accelerate further.
In 2015 Palwan had just over 1,5mill tourist arrivals while the established rival Boracay had slightly above 1.6mill arrivals, Palawan is expected to surpass Boracay by 2017 in number of arrivals.

Puerto Princesa International Airport under construction, photo taken 23.october 2016.

Government investing in masterplans and infrastructure

Rapid investment in roads and infrastructure a have increased the interest from international hotel chains. Palawan is expected to become the nr. 1 destination in The Philippines and a hot-spot in South-East Asia and these goals are backed by the local government. The local government have also invested in a masterplan for sustainable development of the 14km Long Beach in San Vicente (The longest beach in The Philippines) and hotels are now establishing themselves in different areas of the island depending on their concept.

San Vicente masterplan for Long Beach.


Landbanking and amazing yeilds
As the prices are increasing yearly even without any promotion, infrastructure nor international flights, the prices are expected to grow much faster than earlier due to the new investments. Compared to Boracay which by many claims have reached its peak and rapid growth in land prices; Palawan with its tenfolded size, increased interest and two airports is projected to catch up heavily over the next years, with an already high performance over the last years in its back. Our properties gives on average above 25% annual yeild depending on the location.



Investment concepts

You will have an opportunity to choose an investment option that outlines your specific profile.

Option 1: Landbanking: Annual yield suited for low-risk investors.
Option 2: Invest, build & sell: Accelerating annual yield with construction and sale of property.
Very good ROI and perfect for investors with a mid and short term outlook.
Option 3: Invest and operations: Complete business development including construction and operations. A concept suited for established hotel chains and luxury rental business.

Best Western hotel in Puerto Princesa, Palawan
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