Idyllic portion of a Private Island surrounded by white sandy beaches and boasting the clearest waters in the world with abundant fishing and amazing sea life and corals.

  • Beautiful, quiet and lush green area with a mixture of Coconut and Palm trees.
  • 5 Hectare portion of a stunning paradise island off the shores of Coron, northern Palawan.
  • Perfect for a Luxury Residence.
  • 60 KM from El Nido Airport, A flight to Manila then takes around an hour. On site clean ground water supply.
  • Ready for development and off grid power solution.
  • 3g mobile and data signal.
  • Clean verified documents for an easy transfer of ownership.
  • Ideal for watersports and boat docking.
  • Amazing fishing.
  • The diving in this area is known to rival the very best in the world, including the famous Coral Reef of Australia.


Most of us know that Palawan is home to Puerto Princesa Underground River, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. We also know about its El Nido Marine Reserve Park which many have dubbed a less commercial version of Boracay. But did you know that in this province island can also be found a remote paradise that landed first in a list of 35 Clearest Waters in The World to Swim in Before You Die?”

Daily News Dig published their list of the clearest waters in the world to swim in; the Linapacan Island area, Palawan emerged at the top spot, overshadowing even the globally-famed Maldives and To Sua Ocean Trench in Samoa. It is said that the Linapacan waters are so clear that you can literally see even your toenails submerged deep in the waters!

But what are clear waters without white sands, right? Don’t fret though as the shores in this region paradise also boasts of the whitest of sands, even comparable to those of Boracay. As such, you’ll definitely find snorkeling, diving, underwater photography and even just chilling all becoming extra bewildering experiences!

It’s not really just the waters or the sands that earned Linacapan a must-visit title though. With the region’s remoteness and a population of only 14,180 people, the Linapacan islands offer a quiet, tranquil and soulful beach holiday, one that’s far from the party escapades Boracay has long been known for. This is certainly the place for people who simply wish to enjoy the calm wonders of nature.