• This is a prime A+ beach property comprising of medium upper slope untouched green land with a mixture of Coconut, Mango and Cashew trees accessed from the rear by the coastal road.
  • Access to a white sandy beach frontage of 120 meters leading to a total beach of some 6km.
  • The water frontage of the calm lapping nature, crystal clear with tinges of blue and turquois. Beneath the waters there is 10 meter gradual slope before dropping off deeper. There is scope here for a simple jetty type construction to dock watercraft.
  • Other features of the property include excellent snorkeling, copious fishing, nearby stunning dive sites and dolphin watching.
  • All our properties come with Outline Planning Permission for development purposes such as Leisure, Commercial and Residential, the construction and management of which can be undertaken by Paradise Investments & Developments if required.