One of the most stunning beach coves in El Nido.

  • Beautiful, quiet, unspoilt and lush green area with a mixture of Coconut, Mango & Banana trees.
  • Private 1 km long + white sandy beach cove front with flat land ready for development to the rear.
  • Electricity is nearby for simple connection of the property.
  • Clean verified ownership documents for a straight forward transfer of owners.
  • Ideal for a or a number of jetties for docking Yachts, jet ski’s, speed boats etc.
  • Excellent local skilled and cost effective work force available.
  • Abundant supply of fresh seafood within the crystal clear waters.


We have more properties available in the beach cove from 1 to 12 Hectares. Please contact us for more information.

Developmental Opportunities

Palawan is emerging from being a sleepy island known only for fishing and mining into one of South East Asia’s tourism hubs. Massive Government investment in infrastructure on the island continues as new roads appear followed by power lines to previously inaccessible areas of breathtaking beauty.

Another key part of developing Palawan into a tourist haven is the introduction of two new international airports. One in the capital Puerto Princesa to complement the already existing domestic airport and one to cover the new main investment area of San Vicente. The official target for tourism traffic to Palawan is 2.5m by the year 2025 (currently at 1.5m) this is a very conservative figure which will be surpassed by a considerable margin.