Puerto Princesa

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Puerto Princesa located in the mid-part of Palawan Island in the western Philippines.

It’s a base for boat trips through the massive limestone caves and underground river of the biodiverse Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.
Dive sites are dotted around Puerto Princesa Bay, home to long-nosed dolphins, turtles and rays.

The real estate market in Puerto Princesa is accelerating and a new aiport and infrastructure investments will be serving the growing number of tourist arrivals.

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    House & Lot with Private Beach

    Puerto Princesa, Palawan Philippines

    Beautiful large property consisting of a quality 3 bedroom house, garage & other outbuildings. Ready to occupy and move into this exclusive property with...

    • 270000
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    Underground River Beach – 25H

    Puerto Princesa, Palawan Philippines

    • Beautiful, quiet, unspoilt and lush green area with coconut trees. • Access to an amazing 400m long beach front. • Flat land that...

    • 250,000
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    Marufinas Point

    Puerto Princesa, Palawan Philippines

      Perfection in Palawan This property is close to the famous world heritage site Underground River, just a 15 min boat ride to the...

    • 33,000
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    Babuyan Riverside Retreat

    Puerto Princesa, Palawan Philippines


    46,000 square meters of idyllic flat land by the River Babuyan, 400m from where it meets the sea and ideal for Investment and or...

    • 45,000
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    011_12H – Private Island – Quezon

    Puerto Princesa, Palawan Philippines

    Private Island, flat land with all round white or cream sandy beach for investment or development. Excellent year on year 12% growth in value...

    • 320,000

Transfer Tax
This is a tax imposed on any mode of transferring the ownership of a realproperty, either through sale, donation, barter, or any other mode.
This varies to a low of 0.5 percent to a high of 0.75 percent of the zonal value of selling price of the property, whichever is higher, depending on the municipality where the property is located. To determine the exact amount, the buyer should consult with the City or Municipal Treasurer.

Registration Fee
This fee is paid for the registration of a deed of sale, conveyance, transfer, exchange, partition, or donation of a real property and is paid to the local Registry of Deeds or Land Registration Authority where the property is located.

To make the calculation simple, let’s use Php1.7 million as the property’s selling price, an amount that incurs a registration fee of Php8,796. However, if the property’s selling price exceeds Php1.7 million—for example, Php2 million—the buyer will add Php90 for every Php20,000 in excess of Php1.7 million. Hence, the Registration Fee for a property worth Php2 million will be Php10,146.

Notary Fee
The Deed of Absolute Sale should be also notarized, which requires a fee of about 0.1 to 0.15 percent of the property’s selling price.

The steps of buying property in Palawan

  1. Select preferred method of purchase (3 options)
  2. Property transaction
  3. Notaries, Taxes and other instituional fees are paid (standard taxes, fees and their administration are included in our service)
  4. Ownership certificate handed over